Health, Wealth and Poverty

Conference held in London November 1992

Proceedings published by Medical World and the SHA

Margaret Whitehead,

Richard Wilkinson, Lecturer, Dept of Health Studies, University of Sussex

Jim McAuslan, Deputy General Secretary, Inland Revenue Staff Federation

Hermione Parker, Political economist and co-founder of the Basic Income Research Group.

Tony Benn MP


Inequalities In Health: The Failure Of The NHS In Postwar Britain, Dr Charles Webster, All Souls College, Oxford; former Director of the Wellcombe Institute for the History of Medicine

Inequalities In Health: Social Determinants Of Ill-Health, Margaret Whitehead Independent health policy analyst and author of The Health Divide

Income And Health: Richard G. Wilkinson

Redistribution Through Tax Reform Jim Mcauslan

Basic Income Hermione Parker

The Political Struggle For Equality Tony Benn MP