National Health Service Act, 1946

An Act to provide for the establishment of a compre­hensive health service for England and Wales, and for purposes connected therewith.
9 & 10 Geo. 6. Ch. 81  6th November 1946

Royal Crest 1946

PART I. Central Administration

  1. Duty of Minister.
  2. Central Health Services Council and Standing Advisory Committees.

PART II: Hospital And Specialist Services

Provision of Services by Minister.

  1. Provision of hospital and specialist services
  2. Accommodation available on part payment.
  3. Accommodation for private patients.

Transfer of hospitals to the Minister

  1. Transfer of hospitals to the Minister.
  2. Endowments of voluntary hospitals.
  3. Exception for medical and dental schools.
  4. Supplementary provisions relating to transfer of hospital property and liabilities.
  5. Power to acquire hospital equipment.

Local administration of hospital and specialist services:·

11.Regional Hospital Boards, Hospital Management Committees, and Boards of Governors of teaching hospitals.
12. Functions of Boards and Management Committees.
13. Legal status of Boards and Management Committees.
14. Conditions of service and appointment of officers.
15. Medical schools in London.

Ancillary services provided by the Minister.

17.Bacteriological service.
18.Blood transfusion and other services.

Part III Health Services Provided By Local Health Authorities

19.Local health authorities.
20.Proposals for provision of services by local health authority.
21.Health Centres.
22.Care of mothers and young children.
24.Health visiting.
25.Home nursing.
26.Vaccination and immunisation.
27.Ambulance services.
28.Prevention of illness, care and after-care.
29.Domestic help.
30.Appointed day for the purposes of Part III.

PART IV. General Medical And Dental Service, Pharmaceutical Services And Supplementary Ophthalmic Services.


  1. Executive Councils.
    32.Local representative committees.

General Medical Services.

  1. Arrangements for general medical services.
    34.Distribution of medical practitioners providing services.
  2. Prohibition of sale of medical practices.
  3. Compensation for loss of right to sell a medical practice.
    37.Practitioners dying or retiring before appointed day.

Pharmaceutical Services, General Dental Services and Supplementary Ophthalmic Services.

  1. Arrangements for pharmaceutical services.
    39.Persons authorised to provide pharmaceutical services.
  2. Arrangements for general dental services.
  3. Supplementary ophthalmic services.

Supplementary Provisions.

42.Disqualification of practitioners.
43. Powers of Minister where services are inadequate.
44. Recovery of charges in respect of certain appliances and dental treatment.
45. Exercise of choice of practitioner in certain cases.
46.Arrangements for use of health centres by practitioners.
47. Decision of disputes.
48. Provision of courses for persons providing services,

PART V. Special Provisions As To Mental Health Services

49.Transfer to Minister of certain functions of Board of Control.
50.Repeals and amendments of the Lunacy and Mental Treatment Acts, and the Mental Deficiency Acts.
51.Proposals for carrying out of duties by local health authorities under Lunacy and Mental Treatment Acts and Mental Deficiency Acts.

PART VI. General

Financial Provisions.

  1. Expenses and receipts of the Minister.
  2. Grants to local health authorities.
    54.Payments to Regional Hospital Boards, Boards of Governors, Executive Councils and other bodies.
    55.Accounts of councils of county boroughs, Regional Hospital Boards, Boards of Governors and Executive Councils.
  3. Accounts and investments of Hospital Endowments Fund.

Administrative provisions.

57.Default powers of Minister.
58.Acquisition of land.
59. Power of Regional Hospital Boards, Boards of Governors and Hospital Management Committees to accept gifts.
60.Power of trustees to make payments to Regional Hospital Boards and Boards of Governors.
61.Preservation of associations of denominational hospitals.
62.Provision of special schools.
63.Use of premises and equipment of local health authority by other authorities.
64.Supply of goods by local health authorities.
65.Provision of residential accommodation for staff.
66.Qualifications, remuneration and conditions of service of officers.
67.Superannuation of officers.
68.Transfer and compensation of officers.
69.Consequential provisions on transfer of functions.
71.Recovery of charges.
72.Protection of members and officers of certain bodies.
73.Exemptions from stamp duty on certain documents required for purposes of Act.
74.Miscellaneous administrative matters.
75.Regulations and orders.

Supplementary Provisions.

76.Consequential amendment and repeal of enactments.
77.Amendment and repeal of local Acts and charters.
78.Provision for winding up certain bodies.
80.Short title and extent.


  • First Schedule:-Central Council and Advisory Committees.
  • Second Schedule:-Acquisition of Hospital Property other than Land.
  • Third Schedule:-Regional Hospital Boards, Hospital Management Committees and Boards of Governors of Teaching Hospitals.
  • Fourth Schedule:-Provisions as to Local Health Authorities.
  • Fifth Schedule:-Executive Councils.
  • Sixth Schedule:-Medical Practices Committee.
  • Seventh Schedule:-Constitution of Tribunal.
  • Eighth Schedule:-Enactments relating to functions transferred from Board of Control to Minister. (Not reproduced)
  • Ninth Schedule:-Amendment and repeal of enactments relating to persons of unsound mind and mental defectives.(Not reproduced)
  • Tenth Schedule:-Consequential amendments and repeals. (Not reproduced)