Public and Patient Involvement What it means for the Commission for Health Improvement

David Gilbert presentation at our conference November 2002

David Gilbert
David Gilbert
Information Feedback Influence
  • Information to patients about treatments and services
  • Informed consent
  • Letters between clinicians available to patients
  • Individual patients able to feed back on their own care and treatment to improve quality
  • Ability to get help and raise issues of concern and to seek redress (PALS)
  • Shared decision making
  • Support to empower individual patients (e.g. advocacy)
  • Expert Patients
  • Information to the wider public about what the organisation is doing
  • Information to the wider public about how well the organisation is doing
  • Trends in complaints / issues raised by PALs, etc.
  • Feedback on patient experience (Patient Forums)
  • PPI in policy and planning (Patient Forums)
  • Support for lay representatives

Some thoughts about….

trends in PPI

  • mixed motivations for doing it
  • people now struggling with ‘how’ not ‘why’
  • toolkits galore….but analysis paralysis

what CHI has found

  • pockets of notable practice….but little sharing
  • few links between operational and strategic capacity
  • better at some things than others

performance management of PPI

let’s talk the same language

….look at the same sorts of things

….and be clear about who does what