NHS for beginners

What is the NHS exactly?  An historical approach

38 Degrees Draft Active Citizen’s Guide

Produced by Tim Treuherz (38 Degrees member, lawyer and NHS expert). But as they admit, it’s a bit difficult to understand. They are looking for comment s and suggestions.

UNISON guide to influencing the new NHS

NHS For Beginners Syllabus

This is the basis for some education sessions we plan to run across England to help people to understand what’s going on.

Hospital Elections

You can become a member of your local NHS Trust. Not just the hospital.  In most places there will be a mental health trust and other specialist providers.  There are 36 Foundation Trusts who take members from all over England.  If we all join we can get people elected to the Governing Bodies.  The running of hospitals is increasingly controversial, and this gives us a platform to get involved.

Department of Health diagram of the Health and Social Care System April 2013
The NHS – the way Andrew Lansley would like you to see it
Dynamic diagram of a very complicated system
The NHS as most people see it