The David Stark Murray Trust

The Trust was established in 1995 in the memory of Dr David Stark Murray for two purposes:

To advance public education about the social and medical causes of ill health and to conduct, promote and further research into those causes and their effects and to disseminate the results of research to the public.

To educate or promote the education of doctors nurses and other people in the fields of medicine and sociology in the medical psychological and social causes and effects of ill health.

The Trustees are Christine Hay, Mair Garside, John Lipetz, Dr Tony Jewell, Prof George Davey-Smith, Prof Richard Wilkinson.

Registered Charity No 1052648

The Trust supports research particularly into health inequality and supports the dissemination of research into health inequality.

Donations may be made directly to our bank account no 65022557 at the Cooperative Bank 118 Colmore Row Birmingham B3 3BA sort code no 089001

If you send us a Gift Aid statement we can reclaim a tax rebate on your donation. Just drop us a note with your name and address and the statement “I want all donations I make to the David Stark Murray Trust to be treated as Gift Aid Donations”