Apsana Begum

Labour Party

Women from the local community, the SHA and striking Unite workers join Apsana in her campaign launch – with a wonderful guest appearance by Diane Abbott!

The SHA is proud to endorse Apsana Begum who is standing for parliament representing the people of Poplar and Limehouse, she is one of those Labour candidates who have done so much to defend the NHS as a fully funded public service. 

Many will have seen Aspana Begum speaking out in parliament, at national demonstrations and on health workers’ picket lines demanding decent pay for NHS employees and those whose work has been outsourced as the health service is being fragmented, underfunded and downgraded. Waiting lists approaching 8 million are an appaling legacy of Tory rule as is an NHS which increasingly buys services at great cost rather than provide them itself.

Apsana’s statement: 
“Creating the NHS on the socialist principle that healthcare should be collectively funded was a great achievement. But we have witnessed first-hand how our health services have been damaged by years of private finance, outsourcing and the scandal of private firms making huge profits, taking away money that could be used on the frontline. I am proud to have opposed corporate takeover of our NHS and supported local campaigns to defend our services and industrial struggles for fair treatment and pay – whether that is porters or cleaners or nurse or doctors. I am standing again to be MP for Poplar and Limehouse to be a strong voice advocating for a preventative and curative NHS and national care service that publicly owned, publicly delivered and universally free at point of use.”

You can get involved in Apsana’s campaign at https://actionnetwork.org/forms/team-apsana Please do what you can to support this campaign by sharing social media – and if you are able to help with door knocking she would be delighted to see you. The SHA has made a financial donation to her campaign – please consider doing likewise.

Apsana Begum is the Labour candidate for Poplar and Limehouse

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