General Election 4 July 2024


SHA Election Statement

The Socialist Health Association notes 

  • that huge damage to the population’s health has been inflicted by long-term policies of cuts, closures and privatisation, much worsened under this Tory government and the preceding Liberal Democrat – Conservative coalition; 
  • the considerable concern among SHA members and leadership regarding statements from Labour’s front bench about the continued use of the market in health provision. This is a central problem, not the solution. These statements add to the extraordinary sidelining of the SHA’s NHS motions at Labour Party Conference. Conference, which when given the opportunity, has overwhelmingly backed the call to reinstate the NHS.  


  • The SHA backs the removal of this utterly disastrous Tory government and the election of a Labour government. We do this in the full knowledge that the incoming Labour leadership does not support many of our principles.  Our campaigning to defend the NHS, reinstating it as a publicly provided service, to create a national care service, to increase resources and staffing in line with need and our work to build alliances to deal with the social conditions which determine health, including a restored welfare state, will need to intensify during the General Election campaign and on the election of a Labour government.
  • As a Labour-affiliated socialist society, we commit to target our resources and support to Labour candidates for parliament who publicly stand by our principles and our commitment to renationalising the NHS and restoring the wider welfare state. We commit to speak up for our principles.

Below image from final rally at the SHA NHS75 conference.

Socialist Health Association