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Members join Labour on Gaza protests 3rd Feb 2024.

SHA leadership joins protestors 2024


SHA Central Council has voted to back Mish Rahman’s initiative ‘Labour for a ceasefire now’.
Mish is a member of Labour’s National Executive Committee and a member of the SHA.

SHA Oct 15:  Recent escalation of violence in Israel and Palestine.

The SHA joins with humanitarians across the world in expressing our condemnation of all of the violent acts that have occurred since the severe escalation of violence in Israel and Palestine on October 7th 2023.

International law makes it clear that the deliberate killing of civilians, hostage-taking and collective punishment, including direct attacks on civilian populations and withholding essential supplies such as water, electricity, food and medicines, are war crimes. There is a need for immediate ceasefire and lifting of the Gaza blockade so that humanitarian aid and essential supplies can be brought to affected communities without delay and refugees can exit safely with the right of return.

We call for a lasting peaceful and equitable resolution to the conflict, which can only be achieved by addressing all root causes.

In view of the rapidly worsening humanitarian crisis in the region, we encourage our members and supporters to donate to Medical Aid for Palestinians.

SHA Oct 25: We are aware of acute concerns among members about the events in Gaza where an imprisoned population is being deprived of water, food and medical supplies plus fuel for hospital generators and for vehicles to distribute supplies. At the same time they are being subject to  relentless aerial attack and soon massed assault by tanks and troops.

The SHA, historically, has played a strong international role with the TUC to create the Spanish Medical Aid Committee in 1936. Most recently we heard from the Bhopal Medical Appeal.

Central Council members agreed to continue with our current humanitarian approach putting particular emphasis on support for Medical Aid for Palestinians, to speak up for children and pregnant women particularly, but also to step up support for those organising lobbying and protests for a ceasefire and just peace. This is the position of the United Nations, of desperate healthcare teams in Gaza and of progressive Israeli medics.

We urge the Labour Party, to whom we are affiliated, to speak out clearly and unequivocally for a ceasefire and a just peace. Many will remember the historic work of Mo Mowlam in building peace in Ireland; this is the calibre of leadership which is needed urgently.

We back members and branches in supporting solidarity actions; be they marches, fundraising events for MAP or public meetings. Please take SHA banners and flags. Please speak out wherever you can. 
Stickers and leaflets A5 and A4 will be available for 11 Nov events.

Campaign resources from the PSC including the Early Day Motion calling for a ceasefire plus a list of protests:

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