Labour Party Policy Forum UPDATE – Josh Harcup.

Labour Party

Please support our submission document at – you can make supportive comments and votes whether you are a Labour member or not.

The Labour Party National Policy Forum has just announced a consultation, beginning on Monday 30th January 2023. The Socialist Health Association needs your help!

The National Policy Forum plays a key role in putting Labour’s next manifesto together, and we need the SHA vision to be in that manifesto to transform our Healthcare System.
At Labour’s conference in September, the Socialist Health Association successfully proposed a motion to conference which demands a Labour Government establish a “publicly-funded, publicly-provided, publicly accountable, universal and comprehensive” NHS and that all privatised portions of the NHS are returned into public control.

We need you to participate in the upcoming consultation to ensure that our conference backed policy is in the next manifesto!

We’d also urge you to back other progressive elements of the positive SHA vision such as a National Care Service and a pay-rise for NHS staff.

We know what’s going on in the NHS. There’s a crisis, and despite clapping our NHS staff throughout the pandemic – the Tories have turned their backs on NHS staff, on patients and they’ve continued business as usual privatisation within the healthcare system. Under a Labour Government, it won’t be this way. That’s why it’s so important that we participate in this consultation. We need a transformative policy platform for the healthcare system, and we will achieve it.

It took socialists to build the NHS, and it’s going to take socialists to defend the NHS!

Once the National Policy Forum releases more details, we will let you know. Please get in touch if you have any questions!