Pharmacy technicians: an assessment of the current UK landscape, and proposals to develop community pharmacist and pharmacy technician roles and skill mix to meet the needs of the public


The PDA have published an in-depth report that assesses the current role and capabilities of pharmacy technicians in the UK community pharmacy sector.

The 250-page document, which has taken 3 years to compile, highlights proposals to develop the roles of community pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, and the skill mix required to meet patients’ needs.

The in-depth report has been developed because, in recent years as the pressure upon the NHS has been increasing, the government has been looking at ways to improve the accessibility to healthcare in the UK, to meet the needs of the public. The government has been considering the unexploited possibilities that are available through skill mix and in community pharmacy and has been placing emphasis on the greater utilisation of pharmacy technicians.

In response to this government led initiative, this report seeks to set a sensible vision for the future development of pharmacist and pharmacy technician practice in community pharmacy and proposes ways in which this can be done.

Before publishing the full report, in order to cover all the key topics which needed consideration, the report was broken down into discussion points, analysing key considerations and the PDA’s reasoning behind each recommendation for improvements. Now that each section has been released separately, the full report is available to read in its entirety.


thumbnail of FINAL PT Report – 28-02-19