Update on #Justice4NHS – Stage 5 – Court of Appeal

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Dear #Justice4NHS Supporters

We wish you a Happy New Year but we are very sorry to tell you that the Court of Appeal has ruled against our case.

The good thing is that – fingers crossed 3rd Time Lucky! – we are now applying for permission to appeal to the SUPREME COURT

We are doing this because the Court of Appeal ruling has not grappled with the vital issues that our case raised. This is not just our opinion, it is also the informed opinion of our legal team.

To say the least this is very annoying – and just plain WRONG. We can’t let the Courts sweep vital public interest and legal issues under the carpet.

We hope you feel as proud as we are, that the 999 Call for the NHS #Justice4NHS legal challenge has been a grassroots crowdfunded case from the very beginning and that together we are all defending the NHS.

If we had not brought our case to the courts, NHS England would have already implemented their contentious new contract back in April 2018.

We can’t thank you enough for helping us through the various stages of this the 2-year legal battle. We hope you may also be able to help take this case forward to the Supreme Court.

We can’t give up now. In 2019 our campaign messages about the damage to our NHS we are all seeing, must be even louder and clearer.

This contentious ACO contract, if implemented, would only increase this damage .

And that is why…

We are not going away.

We wish you all a new year in which you can find hope and strength in the knowledge that what we are doing together is right. It’s a long, tough fight but together we are strong. And we see that more and more of the public are beginning to hear and understand our reasons.

We will shortly begin #Justice4NHS CrowdJustice Stage 6 to raise funds to cover the costs of applying to the Supreme Court for permission to appeal. The amount we are likely to need to raise for this stage is approximately £5,000.

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We can’t thank you enough for helping us through the various stages of the the 2-year legal battle and we hope you will continue to lend your support again in 2019.

Thanks and best wishes

Jo, Jenny & Steve

And all the 999 Call for the NHS team