Petition from Dr Tony O’Sullivan

Campaigns NHS

Dear NHS Reinstatement Bill Campaign Friends,

I am sharing this as widely as possible. Forgive me if you receive it more than once and forgive the blind copying.

We have launched our joint (KONP/HCT/We Own It) petition calling for the scrapping of the ICP contract and also we are asking people to take part in NHSE’s consultation and give your opinion on this dangerous contract.

‘We Own It’ is hosting the petition, which went live before 6pm today:

Here is our KONP page with links to the petition, key documents – including the JR4NHS submission, links to NHSE consultation, HCT resources page (very good):

Please make every effort to sign the petition, complete the consultation either on line or in your own words and posting to them, and please SHARE petition link, video link, Facebook and Twitter with all your contacts.

Wtihin 3 hours, the petition is already close to 1000 and we hope to get over 20k to hand in with press coverage and a visible presence at NHSE on 26 October. And would be good to get many good responses to the consultation as well

Tony O’Sullivan

Co-chair of Keep Our NHS Public