Top 8 Healthcare Blogs You Should Be Following


Do you want to start your own healthcare or medical blog? If so, something you better be doing right now is following the most popular healthcare blogs online.

If you’ve done any research on starting a healthcare blog so far, you’ve no doubt come across tips on creating engaging content or using an SEO website analysis checker to make your blog stand out. Both of those tips are great, but there will still be no better way to see what’s resonating with readers than to follow the most popular healthcare blogs yourself.

Here are the top 8 healthcare blogs you should be following:

Better Health

Better Health is simply a community of doctors and nurses who write commentary and opinion pieces about the health and medical industry. For this reason, it will be one of the best resources for keeping up-to-date on the most recent developments on healthcare.

Everything Health

Everything Health is run by Tony Brayer, a medicine physician with more than twenty years of experience. Her posts tend to focus on recent developments in medicine and medical science.

Global Health Blog

The Global Health Blog initially began as a small website run by medical students at Northwestern University in Illinois, but has now expanded into becoming one of world’s most popular health blogs with daily posts now regularly made by doctors and medical professionals.


Operated out of San Francisco, Healthline is currently one of the biggest health websites on the web. All posts are read and approved by licensed medical professionals before publishing. Examples of information you will find on Healthline include symptoms and recommended treatments on practically any medical condition you can think of, and recent innovations made in the health industry.

The Population Health Blog

The Population Health Blog has a collection of professional opinion articles and peer-reviewed links on the medical industry. But the best aspect of this blog is how it is largely free of medical jargon, so it will be easy to understand for non-medical professionals.

The Public’s Health

The Public’s Health focuses on the work that health practitioners are doing across the globe, in addition to posts on health insurance, medication, and addiction. Since most of the contributors has a doctorate for their education, this is a quality resource you can use.

Public Health Matters Blog

Run by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Public Health Matters Blog provides information and expert opinions on recent developments in the medical industry, disease prevention, vaccinations, and even natural disasters.

The Pump Handle

In operation for ten years now, the Pump Handle is a blog that focuses mostly on what’s going on behind the scenes behind the healthcare industry itself, as well as the effect that recently passed laws have on public health and safety.

The Best Healthcare Blogs Online

Are there other great healthcare blogs out there? Absolutely, but the eight we have outlined and discussed in this article are simply the most popular ones, and therefore the blogs you will want to check out first.