Andy Burnham’s Health & Wellbeing manifesto


Our Manifesto: Health & Wellbeing

Before drafting my manifesto for Mayor I want to do things differently. I want to involve as many people as possible in developing policy ideas that will make a real and meaningful difference to people’s lives.

At the Health and Wellbeing Manifesto conference, we heard from users, carers, experts and interested parties alike about the things that really matter and could improve the lives and the quality of healthcare for residents across Greater Manchester.

The ideas suggested:

1: Care workforce needs to be further valued and recognised

2: Integrated health and social care pathway

3: Prioritise investment in community care

4: Upskilling, training and valuing of current staff and to help aid recruitment.

5: Introduce a Greater Manchester Ethical charter

6: Argue for an increase in the budget for health and social care from Government

7: Make Greater Manchester Autism friendly

8: Make the internet safer and promote a campaign on children’s mental health

9: Prioritise investment in preventative mental health services

10: Focus on public health education in schools

11: Integrated approach to mental health in the workplace

12: Make the case for an increase the number of health visitors

The ideas highlighted received the most votes at the conference and will be explored further as the next step in this process.