We can transform NHS IT!

Information Technology

Healthcare everywhere has two big IT problems.

Incompatible Databases. Data Re-entry Overload

Both baffle the world’s best brains. Why? The fantasies of those in power, about what computers can, and what they cannot do. And ‘Competitive market forces‘ The result: everywhere we go we have to fill in more forms. And answer the same questions, over and over again. Just so that someone somewhere, at our expense, can enter our info onto yet another incompatible computer.

Sadly. However clever they are, the world’s most expert programmers cannot make different databases talk to each other. Surprise, Surprise, it’s actually impossible. Genuine Inter-operability in the NHS remains a myth.

But amazingly we, the public, now have a unique opportunity to help.

Dr Rupert Fawdry, a “retired” hospital consultant, asks “Where should we start?” His simple answer. “WITH US! “

And now via wisdam.org each of us can, cost-free, download and print out the new globally standardised set of basic healthcare questions. And, when faced with yet another similar but different form, if enough of us insist on using Simple WISDAM®, we can push all the different IT systems towards becoming compatible. All without needing to own our own computer, or to worry about internet security. Because we only need to write and to update what is needed – on our own paper record. Electronic versions – fine – but purely optional – and only if they fit with Simple WISDAM®

So, if we want to make the NHS more efficient, get downloading and get writing both for ourselves; and for any elderly people we know.

Imagine the value to ambulance paramedics or A & E staff if more and more of us had most of the info they urgently need already documented on a piece of paper in our purse or pocket.

Together we can transform the efficiency and accuracy of the whole NHS!