Health and the EU… some issues and reasons to stay in

European Union

Global warming

Climate change is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, threats to our health and quality of life and must be addressed through international cooperation. The EU has agreed to cut greenhouse gasses by at least 40% by 2030 and has let the way in the development of the Kyoto Protocol.

Protecting the environment

An estimated 40,000 people die prematurely annually in UK through air pollution and UK government has done almost nothing about his and are in breach of EU regulations. EU regulations have set increasingly high vehicle emission standards and EU Parliament has set limits on a range of air pollutants. Leaving the EU could have a disastrous effect on health in the UK.

EU has forced UK to clean rivers and beaches. EU funds and supports sites of importance for wildlife in the UK. These issues affect health and quality of life.

Protecting rights for working people

Doctors/ nurses/ health workers have benefited from the Working time directive. UK workers are guaranteed annual leave and maternity leave through EU regulations.

Health and safety

The EU has introduced legislation to stop workers being exposed to dangerous chemicals and substances including asbestos.

Accessing health care in Europe

UK citizens have the right to free health care in the EU. Loss of this will particularly affect those who have retired abroad and may lead to a flood of returnees, putting stress on the NHS.

Heath professionals working in the EU

UK has befitted form migration of health workers and likewise our health workers can freely work in EU countries .

Rights for people with disabilities

The Charter of Fundamental Rights protects people with disabilities against discrimination and through the EU barriers eg in workplace and public transport are being broken down.

Scientific and health research

The UK is one of the largest recipients of research funding in the EU. Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine has for example befitted from EU funding. Leaving the EU will affect funding for clinical trials and other medical research and it may take years to renegotiate terms for these.