Patients Know Best

I went to an LCC event on resilience. The Council are encouraging people to create Resilience Plans for emergency situations like when it snows and no-one can get in and out of your street for days on end.

Makes sense. We talked in groups about who is most vulnerable in these situations. Naturally I thought about the frail, multi-morbid elderly living alone. What happens if the District Nurse you rely on for your insulin injection can’t get to you? Or if the carer who gets you up and toilets you can’t get through the snow?

I did ask if the County Council were working with Health to ensure that Resilience Planning is part of Advanced Care Planning. Of course they are. Strategically….

But without any kind of integrated record keeping of course.

The Council know, apparently, who is vulnerable in our community (….do I believe them?) but can’t share that information with community leaders until there is a crisis.


…couldn’t a persons Resilience Plan be part of their medical Advanced Care Plan and be attached to a shareable health and social care record?

Look at what they are doing in Ireland using the e-portal “Patients Know Best”.

Too many egos, too many silos and too many managers creating pretty websites and complex information sharing protocols that protect health and social data from the one person who has a right to share it: