How did the NHS affect voting?


Lord Ashcroft conducted a poll of 12,000 people on 8th May asking people why they had voted as they did.  It is informative stuff, well worth reading in full.

Those who voted Conservative said the most important factors were:

  • the party had the best available Prime Minister
  • they liked the Tories’ motives and values
  • they preferred the Tories’ specific promises,
  • and they thought the Tory team would make a more competent government.

49% of Conservative voters said the NHS was one of the top issues, the same proportion who mentioned the economy.  The NHS came higher in Labour voters concerns, who mentioned the economy less.

Improving the NHS was mentioned as the most important issues for the country as a whole except among men, those over 65, voters in Greater London and those in the highest social group who all put it second, by narrow margins, to the economy.  But when asked ” What are the most important issues for you and your family?” the NHS was the top issue for every group.

86% of those who voted Conservative think that “if you work hard, it is possible to be very successful in Britain no matter what your background”. Only 38% of Labour voters think that. 60% of Tories expect that “for most children growing up in Britain today, life will be better than it was for their parents”. 67% of Labour voters disagreed

77% of Labour  voters think people have a right to things like housing and enough to live on, and that it is the government’s responsibility to provide them. 72% of Tories say people have a responsibility to provide for themselves.

Conservative voters were optimistic about the future. Labour voters were pessimistic.

People with  a longstanding physical or mental condition or disability were more likely to vote Labour or UKIP than Conservative.