Keep it Co-op

I, like many of you, shop at the co-op because I know it shares our ethics and politics. As a business owned by its members it champions progressive causes, engaging politically to change society for the better.  It’s never just been an ‘ordinary’ supermarket.

We in the labour movement have long had a partner in the co-op, through its political arm the Co-operative Party. For almost a century, we’ve worked together to create a fairer society where power is move evenly shared.

That partnership is now under threat, which is why I’m asking you to join me in rallying around the campaign to Keep it Co-op – click here to sign up

The largest member of the co-op movement – the Co-operative Group – is reconsidering its century-old political links, via a vote at its AGM on the 16th of May.

Our sister Party, the Co-operative Party, has launched a campaign – Keep it Co-op – in response, which is calling on the Co-op Group to retain its strong political voice, and to revitalise the values and principles that have made it such an important voice in progressive politics for so long.

Click here to find out more about the campaign and to sign-up

On the campaign website you can pledge your support for retaining the link between the Co-operative Party and the Group – as well as checking whether, as a co-op member, you yourself are eligible to vote at the AGM (or delegate your vote to a Representative from the Party who can cast your vote on your behalf).

I believe that the Co-operative Group will be making a historic mistake if it breaks the link, and that without the distinctive voice of the co-operative movement British politics and our communities will be worse off.

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