Ed Miliband’s speech on Labour health policy

Full text of the speech

It has never been more important than now to have a proper plan for the future of our NHS:

Our plan for the future of the NHS starts by making sure that services that have stood apart for too long work together:

We need to act to sort out people’s problems as quickly and as early as we can. Before problems get too bad. Before people end up in hospital.

Everyone will be entitled to a same-day consultation with their GP surgery. A guarantee of a GP appointment if you need it that day. And a guaranteed GP appointment for all within 48 hours.

We’ll stop the regulators from spending their time on free-market competition in the NHS. We’ll cut back on the consultancy costs caused by the Tories’ reorganisation. We’ll reduce the number of very senior managers who cost too much at a time when resources are so scarce. We’ll stop the threat of European competition law forcing the privatisation of services. And, friends, we’ll repeal their terrible NHS and Social Care Bill.

This is how we plan to improve the NHS. A comprehensive service based on the needs of the whole person. Prevention not just cure. Co-operation not privatisation.

The public core of the NHS

Government denigrating the work of people in the NHS

Safe Staffing levels in hospitals, demonisation of disabled people, role of the private sector