One Thousand Thank Yous

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It was back in 2004, that the then Conservative shadow chancellor, Oliver Letwin, astonished his audience (of businessmen in Dorset) was reported as saying that within five years of a Conservative election victory “the NHS will not exist anymore.   Well look what happened – they’ve only been back in for 4 years and the NHS is already on its knees.  He may not have got the timescale quite right, but if the Tories get back in next year, the NHS that we have known for 65 years – the envy of the world, the greatest British achievement of the post war years, will disappear into a morass of private insurance, multinational run, cash rationed, postcode lottery chaos. 

NHS for people not for profit

The documentary film, One Thousand Thank Yous, shows what can happen though, if local groups fight back.  We don’t have to take it!  Please pledge.