Plus ça change?

NHS Management
Chapitre 1:
‘The chief executive of the trust with the biggest deficit in the NHS [National Health Service] has resigned, HSJ [‘Health Service Journal’] has learned …
‘Chris Streather, who has led South London Healthcare [NHS] Trust since it was established in April 2009, confirmed to HSJ this afternoon that he was stepping down.’
14 June 2012:
Chapitre 2:
‘Dr Streather will be taking up a new post leading south London’s academic health science network in July.´
14 June 2012:
Chapitre 3:
Mr [Jeremy] Hunt said: “In the wake of Mid Staffs, we have introduced a tough new barring scheme to stop failed managers from popping up in other parts of the NHS …´,
24 December 2013:
Chapitre 4:
‘Two bosses at a Kent hospital foundation trust put into special measures last year have resigned …
Medway NHS Foundation Trust said … … chief executive Mark Devlin had decided the time was right for [him and the Chair] to move on.’
30 January 2014:
Chapitre 5:
‘Health Education Kent, Surrey and Sussex (HE KSS) is delighted to welcome back Mark Devlin, Chief Executive of Medway NHS Foundation Trust as its Interim Chair.’
30 January 2014:
Chapitre 6:
‘ … history repeats itself, “the first as tragedy, then as farce”‘,
Karl Marx, ‘The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon‘, (translated from ‘Der 18te Brumaire des Louis Napoleon’, ‘Die Revolution’, 1852):
Question: who runs our public services? Not the public by the look of it. Nor the government.