Notes of SHA Cymru Wales Officers


September 19th  2013

Present: Alison Scouller, Philippa Ford, Tony Beddow    

  1. Notes of last meeting – July 31st   were agreed.
  • Arising

a)     Secretary reported the reply from Mr Sissling which was considered. Agreed:  if no full reply was received by end of September the issuing of a press release or comment piece would be actioned after discussion with officers and the Minister.

b)     The draft paper on co-production was further considered. It was agreed that the secretary would re-draft the paper in the light of comments received and further views would be sought on the re-draft.

  1. National Council

The forthcoming Council meeting was reviewed. Progress with the design of the (national) web site was noted. Proposals to set staffing levels for hospitals was discussed. It was agreed to support the principle of setting such levels subject to:

  1.  they must be used in conjunction with a good workload assessment tool by which staffing levels could be set
  2.  there must be clear methods for ensuring the level of work coming to all part of the hospital were commensurate with the levels of staff available
  3.  the methods of assessing acceptable staff levels should apply to all  providers undertaking NHS work.

It was noted that an opaque item on the Labour Party was on the agenda. It was possible this referred to the recent proposals to alter the relationship to the Party of members of Trade Unions – with the implication that this might lead to similar changes for other affiliated bodies. Officers felt that this merited further discussion in the context of Wales.

  1. AGM Arrangements

Possible  dates, topics and speakers were agreed for a mid week meeting in October / November in Cardiff with a joint session with another health – related body.   Secretary to make enquiries re possible arrangements.

  1. Treasurer report      The treasurer reported a current balance of £612.39

Date of Next officers meeting: 13th November 2013; 3-30 Sarne if not by Skype.