THE COMMODITY OF CARE by Carol Dimon and t.i.m

This book analyses the political influences that have impacted upon healthcare within the UK, the USA, and Australia over the last 30 years, questioning why, despite recommendations, poor care continues; although, it is acknowledged, excellent care also exists. This book is politically on the side of the patient, whether in a hospital or private nursing home. This author has not conducted her research in any other political sense, that is, an a priori political view has not been the prism through which all findings have been judged.

Clinician with a halo
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This book will consider how the dominant political ethos of neoliberalism impacts on care in nursing homes and hospitals, and similarly influences organisations involved in nursing regulation and education, and attitudes towards care of the elderly. It will draw upon correspondence with various organisations, and will include the “voices” of those involved in front line care. The need for a complete overall of nurse education and the use of students in a hands-on capacity is one of several radical recommendations given in this book.

Topics explored include: overseas nurses and the validity of their qualifications, the effectiveness of the nursing degree in England, the failings of the NMC and RCN; the Francis Report, and the role of the CQC.

The book should be of  use to nurses, nursing students, care staff, lecturers, researchers, and politicians, and aims to be a valuable source of debate and discussion.

Due out : July 2013

Published by Choir Press  available from Amazon, Google Books, Major booksellers, and the author