Inequality and children in the UK

Children Poverty in the UK

Children learn their place in the world at a very early stage

Early Cognitive Development of British Children

Inequality in the Early Cognitive Development of British Children in the 1970 Cohort Author(s): Leon Feinstein Source: Economica, New Series, Vol. 70, No. 277 (Feb., 2003), pp. 73-97

This graph shows that children from well off parents who score poorly on a range of tests at 22 months old improve their scores as time goes on. The scores of children of poor parents who did well before they were two years old steadily deteriorate.

School readiness by parental income group

Deprivation and Education

The influence of deprivation on educational attainment at the age of 16  is shown very clearly here

Per cent achieving 5+ A* - C grades by dep[rivation

Deprivation and Education

and of course it is not only educational attainment that is affected by deprivation

Emotion adjustment in children by father's social class

This data is from the 1958 birth cohort study