Now Despairing NHS

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(Sung to the tune of Clementine)

In the darkness, six feet under,

Bevan turning in his grave

Sixty-five years of free healing,

The NHS he cannot save.


Oh our caring, oh our sharing, now despairing NHS,

Thou art lost and gone for profit,

Privatised to serve the rich.

All the doctors, and the nurses,

Cleaners, porters do their best,

But their efforts no longer valued

In the growing profits quest.

Drug companies pay for research

Of wealthy lifestyles wanting cure

For their gross self-indulgence,

And to hell with the sick and poor.


Clegg and Cameron keen to finish

Dismantling done by Brown and Blair,

PFI debts, target culture,

Reorganised for millionaires.

Shipman, Savile, Stafford hospital

Just how bad can scandals get,

But whistle-blowers, enquiries ignored,

But you ain’t seen nothing yet!

(Written by Oliver Swingler and the Making Waves Community Choir)