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Campaign resources
The Socialist Health Association is concerned with promoting health and well-being through policy development and campaigns. Admittedly a bit of a mouthful. Many of the issues we tackle are abstract – inequality in health, mental wellbeing, democracy, public participation and engagement, marketisation and privatisation (this isn’t a comprehensive list – there are more to be found on our website ).
Which is why we are keen to build a catalogue of visuals highlighting the impact and context of these issues.
Public Need before Private Greed
We are keen to improve our visual material to help enliven our website and to dramatise our campaigning activities. We want to engage and excite and encourage the politically curious to take a more active part in shaping the future of how health care is organised and delivered in the UK.  This could be photographs, graphics, video, diagrams, or cartoons.
We are interested in material which illustrates both the good and bad: ways people have tackled these problems in the past; ways they are tackling it now; illustrations of their impact on people like you and me.
We are also interested in more indepth visual analysis of how these problem arise and what they mean.  There is a lot of visual material produced by speakers at our conferences on our Slideshare site.   Some of that could be used. There are opportunities to work with our academics and clinicians.
The visuals would be used on our website and by like minded politicians and organisations for campaigning purposes. We are the leading think tank when it comes to health care in a socially responsible setting and feel that now that it is clear that the NHS and Health Care Services will be one of the central themes of the upcoming elections we have an opportunity and duty to raise our profile and encourage the public debate by offering visually powerful material as a basis for discussion and debate. We want to support local campaigners, primarily in the Labour Party, who will be producing leaflets for door-to-door distribution and want something visual but easy to reproduce.We can pay although probably not commercial rates.  But we have a huge mailing list and work with prominent groups and individuals in Parliament and Academics so we could offer wide exposure for the material.
Some examples of treatments we thing work:
We would appreciate if you could e-mail us with proposals