Johanna Baxter’s report on new Labour Policy process:

Labour Party
  • The creation of a new ‘Policy Hub’ – an online home for our policy making process, where members and the public can read papers, make submissions and amendments, read others’ ideas, and respond to them. This would be caveated to ensure that it was clear not all of these views reflected party policy.
  • A greater role for the National Policy Forum, building on the current final year amendment process with representatives having a role right across a Parliamentary cycle, with a new power to take decisions on key issues of importance at annual meetings of the NPF. There was some discussion about electing NPF representatives for a 5 year term so that they could see through an entire cycle of policy making across a parliament but it was agreed not to proceed with that at this time.
  • A process and cycle which gives members more of a voice, with a fixed timetable providing certainty on what is happening when.
  • Reformed policy commissions, reflecting our key policy priorities and how the world has changed post-financial crisis, linking in with the work John Cruddas is doing on the policy review.
  • A streamlined system which places greater focus on topical and key issues where we seek to deliver real engagement and focused discussion.
  • A new power for Annual Conference to shape the work of the National Policy Forum via a Policy Ballot which will identify key topics for in depth consideration and consultation. This is in addition to the existing Contemporary Issues ballot which takes place at the start of conference.
  • An enhanced emphasis on community engagement, with Party units rewarded for maximising engagement and building broad support for their policy initiatives.
  • Better feedback for Party members who get involved, with an online audit trail for submissions and amendments alongside published papers and newsletters on NPF business.

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